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    Interlacing Issues after Exporting - Help!


      Hello -


      So I'm having some very frustrating issues exporting a project from Premiere CS3. I'm trying to output to a lightweight quicktime format - either mp4 or an h264 .mov file. I've shot footage using a canon legria hf s10 camcorder, importing at 1920 x 1080 at 25 fps. I used apple's new iMovie to import the clips to my computer (because premiere doesn't seem to natively support AVCHD, which I think the camera shoots in). So I capture the footage with iMovie, then import those .mov files using premiere.


      All this is fine, until there's a lot of horizontal motion in shots, where I get these ugly interlaced lines that really mar the quality of my footage. I'm trying to produce some videos in a professional setting, and these lines really hurt the overall perceived quality of my work. However, I thought I had found a fix when I selected the problematic clips and right-clicked, selected "field options," and clicked "always deinterlace." After doing so, the ugly lines disappeared, and when I play the clips back in premiere, I have no issues whatsoever. However, when I EXPORT the clips, the ugly interlacing somehow RETURNS... which is exceedingly frustrating, because I can't figure out how to get rid of them.


      When I export, as said before, I am trying to create a relatively low-quality, 854 x 480, square pixel quicktime file of some sort. I've tried any number of exporting options to no avail.


      Therefore, I am at your mercy. Endless gratitude to anyone who can help solve this plight. Here's a still example of the problem for your consideration:




      Thanks so much,