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    Grouping/nested layout in designer


      New to the workbench, and my first task in trialing the software is to produce an invoice.

      These invoices may span 40+ pages. They involve two levels of totals.


      I have put together a sample XML file with all the data I need, based on the existing paper invoice.


      I can get a table populated no problems at all.

      What I cannot do is create a grouping based on the first column in the table.


      The columns in the table are pipeline name,delivery point , volume , amount

      I want to break on pipeline to show a total of volume and amount for a single pipeline with 1-n delivery points.

      n is not a fixed number , could be 1 could be 50.


      At the footer of the table I want grand totals for all pipeline/delivery points.

      I have tried nesting tables and putting a conditional break in based on pipeline. No luck.


      Naturally none of samples appear to address this issue.

      Can someone send me an XML  file and a form template showing me how this might work.