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    Creating pdf from web form




      How can i create a pdf from my webform which i have filled partially.

      I need it to be emailed (with the data that are filled) so that i can download it and then complete the form later.


      Also i need to create the pdf dynamically (number of fields in my webform changes depending on a particular selection).


      The webform is created using perl.


      Anybody please help me in this.


      Thanks in advance.





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          pguerett Level 6

          I assume that a webform is an HTML page. If so when you purchase Acrobat you get teh ability to create PDF through Macros in applications and a print driver. If Acrobat is on the machine you can "print to PDF" and it will create the PDF for you to send in the email. If you are looking for a more automatic solution you can post the form to the server and use the product LiveCycle PDF/G to turn the HTML into a PDF then email it (all controlled through a web program of course). This is a much more expensive solution as it does run on your server.


          Hope that helps


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            raheshc Level 1


            I would like to make the process automatic. For that I have installed the LiveCycle ES trial version and started working on it. I tried to generate PDF from  http://localhost:8080/adminui/secured/admin.faces, but the generated PDF was real mess. The genereated PDF didn't have the text boxes and the drop down as designed.

            Now I doubt, if LiveCycle will help in meeting my requirements.

            I can give you a brief about my requirements. Please go through and let me know if LiveCycle can help me with this.

            I have a webform (say "http://mydomain.com/invoice.php") which contains input boxes for  entering  invoice number, customer code, customer name, address, country, state, city, Total Amount, Comments etc. Here country and state fields are dropdowns. When I enter a customer code, all the information related to the customer are populated in the respective fields in the web form. And some fields will be filled in manually. From this web form, I want to generate a PDF with the required data and then email it to our customers. Also I should be able to download the PDF file.

            Also when the customer download the pdf, there should be the data which we have populated through our code. Also they must be able to edit certain fields and must not be able to edit other fields. After the process of updating the PDF file, the customer must be able to save the file with customer updates.

            I want to know whether I would be able to accomplish this project through Livecycle?.

            Awaiting your guidance.