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    Syntax correction doesn't work on new files

    ftosello Level 1

      Hello guys,

      I need some help on Flex Development with Eclipse: since this morning, syntax checking doesn't work on new files I create.


      For example, if I create a new .mxml file in my Flex project, with a basic canvas, and then add some random text, which is not a valid flex syntax, I do not get any error or warning.


      However, if I just modify an existing mxml file and do the same thing, the error shows correctly.


      I've tried closing Eclipse, rebooting the machine, it didn't solve the problem.


      By creating a new Flex project and editing the generated main MXML file, correction works. But if I add a new MXML file by myslef, it doesn't work.


      I'm using Flex Builder 3.0, build 3.0.2.


      Thanks !