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    Linux Remote Server

    Matthew Scott

      I have installed the standalone beta on OS X and manually installed the Administrator files on my CF8 development server running Red Hat Enterprise 5.3 (SELinux is disabled). The Administrator starts with no problem on the server, just some info notices. I followed the excellent blog post linked earlier to set up the remote server, and got no errors on the client or the server.


      However, the client never changes from "unknown" status. I tried changing the server config in builder to an incorrect port, to see if it was communicating with the server and I *did* get an error message in the console on the server. RDS works fine for files and datasources. I realize builder is only supported for Mac and Windows at launch, but I haven't seen anything about not supporting linux remote servers, which would be a show-stopper for us.


      I also tried a CF9 beta server on RHEL, and saw the same problem. Any insight would be appreciated.

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          Bhakti Pingale

          Hi Mathew,


          We are currently not supporting Linux for CFBuilder


          However I still wanted to understand the set up.

          Could you please provide me the following details:

          OS on which CF Server running:

          Type of CF Server installation (Standalone/J2EE/multiserver):

          OS on which CFBuilder is running:



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            Matthew Scott Level 1

            Sure. The server is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 with SELinux disabled, 32 bit, kernel 2.6.18-128.2.1.e15.

            Apache 2.2 (2.2.3-22.el5_3.2) unmodified.


            CF 8.01, no hotfixes, standalone. Clean install of 8.01, not upgraded. Installed the administrator files by hand, fixed permissions.


            CFBuilder is a standalone install, not plug-in, on OS X 10.5.7, Mac Pro, 8 cores, 10 gigs.


            The test servers are VMs, so I can clone and break them if you want me to test anything.