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    wobbly text



      First post, so hello all!

      Just started using Flash CS4 after not having touched Flash for a long time, so I feel like I'm back to the drawing board

      Need to do a simple animation at work -

      text, scales up from 0% to 100% as does the alpha, using a MOTION TWEEN (not classic tween)

      Problem is the animation is "wobbly"


      I've changed the anti-aliasing to anti-aliase for animation thinking this would sort, but it hasn't


      any help appreciated

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          You can try various combinations of frame rate and length of the animation in the timeline. For instance, 40 frames at 30 fps, will appear more smooth than 20 frames at 15 fps. You can usually run up to 60 fps without fear of overdriving slower computers.

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            Thali-Hoo Level 1

            scaling from 0% to 100% would look bad regardless...


            instead...scale from 35% (alpha = 0) to 100% (alpha = 100)

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              MOND0 Level 1

              I eventually got rid of the jerky animation, and I think as Thali-Hoo advises it was remedied by increasing the initial scale percentage, so thanks for the advice

              Getting to grips with CS4 after a long break, and liking the new motion editor, so onwards and upwards