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    Goto HTML with button


      I am  very new to Flash and I have "inherited" some projects. One question I have is about a project that directs a user to a particular HTML page when a button is clicked. I have searched through the Actions and Behaviors and I can find no reference to the page it currently calls so I don't know how to change the page activated. Any ideas anybody? Thanks

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What version of actionscript is the file using?  If it is AS2, then you might find the code attached to the button itself if you select it while the actions panel is open.

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            GoUSS Level 1

            Thank you for your thoughts but I believe I mentioned that I had looked through all the action and behaviors I could find. Admittedly I don't know much about Flash programming but is there any other place to put a "command" to open an HTML file? Also, this is the only way I could find to reply to your posting. Is there another way to respond to discussion entries? Thanks

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              as said, it helps to know whether its AS2 or AS3.


              try using 'find and replace' to search for "URL" rather than searching for the url it's calling.look at references to getURL or URLRequest in the code and this will be bits that relate to links.


              its possible the url is gotten from a flashVar (a parameter passed to the flash by the html it's embedded in) or from an xml file that the flash loads into itself. search around in the files that arent in flash to see if the link is in those.

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                GoUSS Level 1

                Thank you so much for that info. I found it with your method but I could not see it until I selected the button symbol (behind graphics) with the Actions window open. Your advise lead me to it.