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    Adobe Customization Wizard 9


      In Adobe Customization Wizard 9 the Buttons "Remove previous version of Acrobat" and "Remove previous version of Reader" is grayed, Why ?

      I want to install the new Reader to all of our 2000 Clients and some of them are needing the Reader 9.1 and also the Writer 8 (Standard).

      That means i would like to decide by my self, whether a older Version sould be removed or not.


      How can i activate this two buttons ?

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          As you are installing Adobe Reader 9 over Acrobat 8 then you need not worry about checking those greyed out options.


          When you will install Adobe Reader 9, the Reder setup will not uninstall any previous Acrobat 8 version on it own.

          So, you can go ahead and install Reader without worrying about these options. The Reader setup will only prompt during installation that whether to make Reader or Acrobat 8 the default viewer of PDF files.


          These options have only been provided for the situation when, say,  Acrobat 9 is being installed over Acrobat 8, then it gives the user an option to choose whether to remove previous version of Acrobat or not. Because newer Acrobat versions remove previous Acrobat versions before installation, which is not possible with the Reader setup.



          That said, please note that it is not recommended to use Reader and Acrobat on the same machine, Adobe doesn't recommend this.