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    toolTip positioning and volume 'hit' area problem




      I have been working on re-skinning the player that comes with Adobe's FMS, in flex builder 3 and I would really appreciate some help on the following issues.


      1. Positioning the tooltips. I have figured out how to change the style of these (text, background opacity etc) via the embedStyle.css, no problems with that. However, I just cannot figure out how to actually reposition them from the default position of the bottom right.


      2. My volume control (volume slider) sits above my progress bar on the players GUI. You can drag both of these to adjust. However, when the progress bar is under the volume bar the progress bar loose it's interactivity. The volume slider only has a height of 2, but it appears that it's actual button 'hit' area is sitting over the progress bar.


      I have do a stack of googling on these but I am still hitting a wall with it. Any help would be much appreciated.