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    RH7 HTML: Rendering small images (icons) with curves is not good in CHM

    avi10000 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I just spent the whole night creating a suite of small 'Alert' icons (e.g., Note and Important) -- they are about 30 pixels x 40 pixels -- and I made example alerts in a Word file for review , inserted the icons, and they look great. Then finally I inserted some into the alerts boxes in my RoboHelp project and I am finding that curved lines on small icons don't render very well in RoboHelp CHM output. They come out bitty. But in Word looked great.


      (That will teach me to always first do a dry run...)


      Is there some magic trick for doing this well?


      (And the Microsoft 'Note' (the blurry brick with the pencil) in MSDN C# does not have curved lines.
      Aren't they clever - those people at Microsoft...)

      Then I had a hunch that Word is doing an automatic blurring operation, by default. This makes the curved lines smoother. So I tried doing the same using a raster graphics program after I output the the icons from Corel Draw, and now the icons are coming out much better in the Help - close to what I saw in the Word file.

      And another way is to take a screenshot of the way they look in Word.

      But again, is there a straightforward way of doing this?


      - avi