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    9.1.2 upgrade - pdf's are now "Error opening... file cannot be found"


      I have read through other posts as I see there are similar issues relating to 9.1.2 or this error but couldn't find an exact solution.


      some of our clients can no longer view pdfs after doing the upgrade. so far the solution has been to remove 9.1.2 and revert back to an older version, but hopefully this isn't what we have to suggest for all going forward.


      I saw in other posts where filenames could be the issue but this seems to be all pdf files that we are serving even those with simple filenames. since it's not all users I have to assume it's a case-by-case config problem on each machine. one user had to uninstall acrobat to resolve this (which of course leaves them without acrobat) others seem to have no problem. Some are using Vista, some are using XP so it's not consistent and I'm just looking to narrow this down somehow.


      any thought's?



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          Where are you opening the files from? Outlook? Document Management application? Desktop? my Documents?


          I had a similar error with opening them from a Doc Management program, I had to reinstall the Doc Management application and upgrading. However, this is not with 9.1.2, still on 9.0. I am trying to find the upgrade files to push to users.

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            I am having the same problem. We are running Windows XP SP2 and Adobe Reader 9.1.2. When users go to some websites and try and open a PDF from the site I get the "There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be foudn" but when I save the file to the desktop it opens fine. And I already set the regestry key to fix the opening PDFs in the browser problem with 9.1.2.


            Maybe when they release 9.1.3 later this month it will fix this problem???????

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              (Sorry for not responding earlier seems after I signed up for my forum registration it wasn't recognized when I tried to log back in, so I had to register again)



              TW@HMSC - These pdf's are being accessed on the web.


              I use a php readfile function in some cases so I initially suspected that was hanging it up with the upgrade but it also happens with pdf's that are simply linked without any readfile etc., so it's any pdf's on the server.   Here again, it's not every user who has 9.1.2, only some have this problem. I'm awaiting more info about those user's config's. and hopefully I can identify a connection there.


              I'm wondering if there is a server setting that needs to be tweeked for 9.1.2. We're on a Linux box, but I'm no expert on the overall server configs.

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                benair3456 Level 1

                My follow up and one solution:


                First just to acknowldege....prior to posting my original question I did see other posts relating to 9.1.2 with solutions pointing to the registry, but those issues were not the same as what we were experiencing so I passed those over. However a client of ours sent this in as a solution and now they no longer get the errors opening Pdf's.


                This is what their Tech people did on their machines, so I'm posting this here in the interest of helping others who may have this problem, but please make sure you know what you are doing when you mess with the registry. In other words, it's offered in good faith but I'm not responsible with what you do on your own machine.

                ·         Run REGEDIT.EXE

                ·         Go to the key  HKEY_Current_User\Software

                ·         Delete the \Adobe key under  HKEY_Current_User\Software

                ·         Close REGEDIT.EXE