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    Lizenztyp *Timebased* ?



      I`am a privat user with an old PS-Version, I tryed the actual Trial-Version and its a very very good tool. But vor Privat use its to expensive.

      The Photoshop-Elements version isn`t the right software for me so i use my old PS again.

      But i had the idea of a other Lizenztype.


      Why sell a Timelimited version vor Privat / simple users?

      for example PS runs in this version only 20-30h / Month and maybe 250h per year.

      If this version sold for about 150-250$ its a great tool for a normal privat users and adobe sell`s more Photoshop-Packets and earns more money.

      So its a win-win situation vor both sides.


      What du you thinking about this Idea?