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    Connected Users Not Showing on Connection List (CS3)


      I have a number of Roles for various departments created in Adobe Contribute CS3. For the most part I only have one user per role. When I go to Administer Web site > Users and Roles I can see a list of Users who have connected. On most of the entries I can see the role name (department) and the user who has been given access to edit items in that role.  However, for several roles I don't see any users listed and I am positive that those users have connected and are using Contribute because I receive drafts to publish from them on a regular basis


      What might be causing these users to not show up when they connect?


      Is there any way I can refresh this screen so that the users who have connected who aren't showing will show up?


      This is making it very difficult for me to tell which users have connected and who hasn't.


      Any help would be appreciated.