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    Recomendations on a proper CODEC

    digital-witness Level 1

      Here is my system run down:

                                                 XPpro SP3

                                                 AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+

                                                 2.61 GHz, 3.50GB of Ram


      This is the first time I've dealt with HD footage, and I'm trying to get a proper Codec to maintain the quality, but reduce the file size to 2gb or less(for youtube) I've tried the Divx, but PP CS3 crashes during export. I read on this forum a few weeks ago someone suggested the Lagarinth codec to someone else (so I downloaded it, nice quality, but file still too big) My final edit is 7minutes. I set my work area bar only for the first 1:30 and render out the avi (basically to test the codec, and get a rough idea of what the file size would be, and 1:30 of footage is comming out to be 1.5gb TOO BIG) Can anyone recomend a Codec that might do the trick??


      When I shoot SD I usually use the Microsoft DV AVI, then the mpeg2 codec, but the Micro AVI does not allow you to change the frame size from 720x480 usually not a problem, but in this case it obviously is.