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    placing multipages into illustrator at once


      greetings all!  i have a problem.  i am trying to place multipage pdfs into illustrator as a stack, so that i don't have to pick the "page" of the pdf one at a time into the artboards of the illustrator doc.


      i work back and forth between ID and Ai and i believe that at one point several months ago, i figured out a way to place all the pages much like you do images in ID - but can't figure it out now.


      PLEASE HELP!!!  i have a lot of pages to get through on this doc and a lot of pdf docs to get through following this one.


      *the other solution would be to create EASY and CLEAN and FAST editable curved lines in ID.  So far, starting out with the straight line and then converting is not NEARLY as effective as what is in Ai.


      *why aren't there other line options in ID like there are in Ai?  Am i just overlooking?


      Thanks in advance!