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    Air Program that Acts as a Server?

      My company currently has a back end image rendering engine built in Java. The rendering engine serves up images on request to a Flex User Interface through web services. What we have discovered through benchmarking is that Flex (or the Flash Runtime) is able to complete simple renders even faster than Java.

      So I wondered... would it be possible to write the Rendering Engine Server in Flex and deploy it on the server using Adobe AIR? I know this sounds very unconventional.

      We can't place the rendering engine on the client side because of the increased bandwidth usage since the large raw images used to create the final rendered image would all need to be transfered over the internet to the client.

      The ideal solution would be to develop the rendering engine in Flex but have the Flex code run on the server.

      Is this possible? Can anyone comment? Or suggest any other solutions?

      Leo Lee
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          anirudhs Level 2

          Running AIR apps on the server is not usually recommended. But your use case sounds interesting.

          You can have the AIR application running on the server. Have some Java code listen for TCP socket connections from the AIR app. Now your java server side code can talk to the AIR app and get whatever you want done.