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    Adobe Flash CS4 installation error




      I just downloaded trial version of Adobe Flash CS4 (Englisth|Windows) but after unpacking the archive and starting setup.exe I am getting error msg (see att). Are there any error logs with more information??


      Text is in czech language so here's translation:

      -----------First window-----------

      Adobe Flash CS4 - Installation Error

      Installation Error

      An error occured while installing. Ask for help at Adobe support.


      -----------Second windows-----------
      Installer of Adobe Flash CS4 application: inicialization

      Checking system profile.


      Is md5 hash available for integrity check of installation package?



      System info:

      Intel C2D 2,2Ghz

      3GB RAM

      about 160GB free HDD space

      Windows Vista Ult. 64b


      Thanks for any help!