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    Flash quiz imported to captivate


      hey there,


      i've created a quiz in flash cs3. each frame has an action the user has to do (click somewhere, write text...).

      (I have a stop action on each frame).


      I'm tried importing it to captivate as a swf animation, but it doesn't play well.


      I tried using captivate vars and stop the main movie from my file (the quiz i built), but it stops the animation swf (the quiz i built) as well.

      also the sound isn't playing.


      what can i do ?




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          commando dhruv Level 3



          For staters you can use Captivate to create the questions for your quiz.


          Make sure you are publishing in AS3. How are you stopping the captivate main movie from vars,

          maybe thats were the problem is ?




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            Hila_am Level 1



            I haven't used captivate for my quiz cause captivate does not have the requirments that i need for the quiz. they are not true false question.

            it's an access simulation and creating it in captivate, which we tried, was not perfect as programing it in flash.

            giving the fact students use it to practice the lessons - no mistakes are possible.


            I wrote the flash file in action script 2. is there maybe a way to replace it without re-creating the file?


            I've tried using captivate vars such as stoping the movie.

            this allows me to view my swf but the sound is not playing.


            could it be the sound class was not exported in the publishing prosses of the flash file?

            the course starts on monday and i feel helpless and hopless.


            please help !!!




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              commando dhruv Level 3



              I trust you are doing something like this in your SWF.

              rdcmndPause = 1.


              Now what this does is it stops the main timeline only. so.. if your quiz everything is present in main Timeline then that would stop too.

              One simple way to avoid that is to ceate a single frame swf and add a movieclip in it.


              Add all your quiz logic inside this movieclip. Now when you insert this in CP then the CP movie will stop but quiz will continue playing.

              Hope this will solve your problem.




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                Hila_am Level 1

                WOW! that's a great idea!.



                i must say i had about 30, and i tried a milion of things but your idea is original and great.


                I just wanna make sure i understand how..


                the quiz i build in flash has a very let say "stupid" code, very template so i could use it for all the quizzes i build.

                so what i should do is:

                1. Creat a swf from my quiz file or maybe just copy all my code into that MC ? (won't that effect it? or maybe just when running it as a flash standalone?)


                2. create a new AS2 fla file with an empy MC


                3. put the swf \ the quiz code in that empty MC (see question above.. )


                4. on the new fla file main timeline put the code of rdcmndPause = 1 on the first frame


                5. to make it continue to the next captivate slide at the end - create a second frame on main timeline with rdcmndPause = 0 ?


                6. inside the movieClip, in the quiz code last frame, put gotoNextframe of the main timeline (where these's rdcmndPause = 0 ).


                That will make sure my captivate movie will continue playing at the end of quiz right?


                thank you for all your help!!!!.



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                  commando dhruv Level 3


                  I meant something like this only.