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    Convert tooltips to rollover captions does not work

    SF_Trainer Level 1

      Has anyone had this problem before? I'm trying to record some screenshots from Word 2007 and I've checked the option to "convert tooltips to rollover captions". I record, no captions. It simply does not work.


      I've tried recording in manual and automatic mode, unchecking all the other options, recording on two separate installations of Captivate (on two separate PCs), with existing captivate files as well as recording new ones. I've tried it with other applications, in case the problem was somehow unique to Word 2007 (although it worked for me with Word 2007 at least once before!).


      I've been seaching the forums and online but can't find a solution. I don't want full motion recording. If I hit PrtScrn I just get a separate screen that I would have to convert into a rollover image, which is NOT what I want to do. This is making me crazy!