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    Cannot Generate a PDF from Word 2007


      I have inherited a 100-page file in Word 2007, and have just encountered a problem when generating a PDF.  (BTW, I have Adobe Reader installed, and I have not yet receieved Acrobat for generating a PDF.)  To reduce file size and to send the file to others in remote locations, I have been saving the Word 2007 file as a PDF, and it has been working up until today.  When the file generated a PDF, it stopped on page 33 and asked if I wanted to send an error report. I have not changed anything on that page.  There is a figure and a table on that page, in addition to some text.  What could be causing the file to stop generating a PDF?  I removed the table and figure, but still the file stops generating on the following page.  I also have checked to make sure I do not have any styles that seem out of place.  Could you provide me with some guidance on what kinds of things I should try and troubleshoot?  Thanks!