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    Camcorder - Shoot, Move, Edit?


      I need to shoot video, move the file to my PC, and edit the file with Premiere.


      Also the camcorder must have an audio input.


      From my research I have concluded there are exactly zero cameras that can do this.


      What I do not want is long "capture" times, the hassle of tapes, or the time consuming and quality degrading process of using 3rd party software to convert formats.


      Shoot, Move, Edit... is it possible?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          About the only way to accomplish is with an AVCHD (not something like AVCHD Lite) camera, a quad-core computer and CS4.1.


          There are other tapeless schemes, like RED (will have all necessary XLR connections), but you'll still need CS4.1. Some others will work to one degree, or another.


          What kind of budget do you have?



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            elemental79 Level 1

            The primary focus is ease of use. If we can accomplish this than we are willing to spend up to $900 otherwise something less than $700. We want to be able to video tape a person talking and within 30 seconds of stoping the camera have it in Premiere and be editing.


            The camera also has to have an audio input for the microphone (something many cameras these days lack). Image quality of a secondary concern as it is for internet use only. Also HD is probably not a good idea as my computer is a tad old.


            In the past I have used a camera called a GoPro. It is not ideal for what we are trying to do, but the ease of use is exactly what I am looking for. The camera recorded AVI's to a memory card and you could literally start editing seconds after filming.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              we are willing to spend up to $900 otherwise something less than $700.


              There's nothing in that price range I would recommend.  The cheapest non-tape camera that records media well suited to editing will be a Panasonic DVX-200A or HPX-170 , and they're in the $5,000+ price range.


              I recommend you stick with tape.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                You might wish to explore OnLocation and shoot tethered to a laptop. That would get your footage onto the HDD quickly enough. Getting a powerful enough laptop might be a bit expensive, however. I'd look at Sager, as they do some stout computers.


                Good luck,



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                  lanstrad Level 1

                  Canon HV30.


                  You'll get it in that price range, it offers mic input, does HDV and standard formats, 24 fps (cinema mode) if you wish...


                  It's miniDV though... But I love it. 


                  I had the same issue (did not want any ''hassle'' with tapes) but many here and elsewhere just convinced me that this is the (safe) way to go.  Unless you wish to have to buy back-up drives every 6 months, shooting HD with tapeless camera (plus remember: this is relatively new tech and probably changing standards) - may not be (yet) the way to go.


                  Also : this model is among the very few that allow you to do both formats (AVCHD models don't do that).


                  I had tapes (mini DV) done almost 10 years ago that I can *now* use to build projects, since that kind of PC technology was not financially accessible for the average consumer 10 years ago.  It's the same here : although I rarely shoot in HD with this cam, it does it.  Once blu-ray becomes cheaper, then maybe next PC, I will use these HD shots.  And the way it's going, it won't take 10 years believe me ;-)


                  Just my thought.