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    completely stuck on ArrayCollection

    dmfsantacruz Level 1

      I am completely bogged down in getting anywhere with my script because I cant seem to get my information out of an ArrayCollection so I can perform my conditionals and matematics.


      I used the built in php connector generator to access a mysql database. It generated the php and then with help from the lynda.com videos I created an HTTP service to read the xml and put the information into an ArrayCollection.


      Now I want to get the information OUT of the collection in an item by item form so I can do conditional statements and matematics.




      if (bills_01 > 2000) {






      currency05 = bills_05 * 5


      etc etc. where bills_01 and bills_05 correspond to columns in the DB and individual data points in the arraycollection.


      Any help is soo sooo appreciated.