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    License Expired - Beta 1


      I've just downloaded and installed the Flash Catalyst Beta 1. It's giving me a "Licensing for this product has expired" message. I had previously installed the Catalyst Preview that I was given at Adobe MAX, I guess it's finding this old expired license even when I enter the new serial number. How do I get rid of it and do a clean install?

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          Thomas L (Adobe) Adobe Employee

          Hello tooman$,


          This is a known issue, and please do the following to resolve it :


          (A) Download the License Repair tool.



          (B)  try these steps in this exact order:

          1) launch catalyst and verify you get the "license expired" error (this helps make sure we're all at the same starting point)
          2)      uninstall Catalyst
          3)      reboot
          4)      without opening any other programs, run the license repair tool.
          a.      There are 3 possible places in the repair tool dialog where you can enter options. Follow these exactly:
                                                                        i. When asked about language, press "e" (without the quotes )
                                                                       ii.      When asked if you want to shut down any programs, press "n"
                                                                       iii.      when asked if you are ready to run the repair, press "0"

          NOTE: the terminal will appear as follows at this step:

          ** If you are ready to run the repair, then press
          the "enter/return" key now.

          ** If you have already run the repair once, but it didn't work,
          then reboot and run the repair again (files may have been locked).

          ** If you have run the repair after rebooting and it still didn't
          work, then reboot and when you get to this screen, enter 0.

          (If the steps above did not work, and licensing continues to fail,
          then please contact customer support.)

          Note: This may take a few moments.

          5)      Re-install Catalyst and use the serial number posted on the pre-release site
          6)      Launch Catalyst


          At this point you should be set. If not, please let us know.


          Sorry for the trouble.