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    FB4b1: Datagrid with data driven Combobox

    ma.tze Level 1



      I created a datagrid with a datadriven combox in FB4b1.

      The database stores "only" values (dbColumn as int), but shows a different labeltext in the grid (comboColumn as string).

      I created a solution with two columns ( the dbColumn is hidden), that works, but I have the following situation:


      1a.) If I do not create the comboColumn in my Database, I am getting the following error message:



      Unable to invoke a fill operation on destination 'Projectname.Entity' due to the following error: class java.lang.RuntimeException:Hibernate jdbc exception on operation=fill error=could not execute query : sqlError =  from SQLException: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column 'entity0_.comboColumn' in 'field list'.


      1b.) If I add the comboColumn only in my model ( not in my databse)


              <property name="comboColumn" type="string"/>


      I am getting the same error message. (1a.)


      If the comboColumn is not part of my entity, I can not use the autogenerated services!?


      How can I tell Fiber that this column exists but not for saving?


      2.) If I created the comboColumn in my Database, everything works fine, but  I have redundant informations.

      (dbColumn and comboColumn having the same informations as int/string)


      How can I solve this?


      Any pointers very welcome!


      Martin Zach