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    Retouching animation

    Chrysta G Level 1



      I'm having problems creating an animation with a layered photoshop file.


      It has seven layers, but when I create a page for each layer the State Transition box automaticly creates trasition for page1-page 2, and then page1-page3, page1-page4, etc.


      How can I creat smoth trastions to each page in a linier sequence (ie, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4)?


      Thanks very much!



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          Matt Cannizzaro

          The timelines panel will show you every theorectically possible transition in the component you're working on, but in practice many of these transitions won't be used in your project. The transitions that actually play when you run your project are determined by interactions that you set up in the interactions HUD. For your example, you could create a series of interactions that step forward through the pages each time a button is clicked. Each interaction would look something like: "Play transition to Page2, when in Page1", "Play transition to Page3, when in Page2", and so on. This will allow your application to move linearly through its pages. When you have these set up, try running your project and making sure that you move between pages with each button click as expected.


          Once you've done this, you can customize each transition in the timelines panel. Many of the provided transitions won't be used in your project, so there's no need to edit them. In your example, to get basic transitions working you could select Page1 -> Page2, press the Smooth Transition button, and then repeat with Page2 -> Page3 and so on. Once you're done, run your project again and you should see the difference.


          Note that the transitions list in the timelines panel is a filtered list. To show all the possible transitions, click on the gray X icon in the text box right above the transitions list.