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    installing/extracting question

    Vicious Tyrant

      Here's a dumb question: I downloaded the trial version of Premiere Elements 7.  One of those .zip file/extraction windows showed up and I'm not sure what to do.  Can anyone help?





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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Dang this forum's server! After I typed 100 lines and went to post, it booted be off-line, though it was only moments after 20 posts this AM!!!!!! I MUST learn to save every reply in WordPerfect, if they are over a single line.



          OK, Wally, here goes again,


          First welcome to the forum. You should have posted in the main forum, and not the Tips & Tricks sub-forum. People will likely not see your post here. Maybe Steve [MOD], can move it for you.


          Now, to your question:


          The downloaded file is in 7zip format. It's an archived file, and can also contain a folder structure for the files within. Adobe went to this format, as many Mac-users had difficulties with the more common (to PC-users), ZIP format. Once, one had to download the 7zip extractor. Now, most modern OS's have that capability built in.


          Navigate to your downloaded file in Windows Explorer. When you click on the file, you should see a button "Extract" in the upper left of the Toolbar. If you do not, then Rt-click on the file and you'll see Extract in the list of possible operations. Choose Extract, and when prompted, make SURE that you choose "complete folder structure," or similar. Tell the Extractor where to Extract to, and you're almost done.


          Turn off all AV, pop-up blocking and sypware detection software [Very Important], and navigate to the Extracted folders. In the root folder will be an executable file with a name like "Setup.exe." Dbl-click that and installation will begin.


          I hope that I did not forget any details in my second version.


          Good luck,



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            Vicious Tyrant Level 1

            Wow, thanks for bearing with me and providing such a detailed answer!  Soon, I'll get the hang of it around here and sorry about your lost labor!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Don't feel badly. Many of us "old hands," are still struggling to find a way around the "new & improved" Adobe fora.


              Hope that my responses will help you find the "fix."


              Good luck,




              PS, do not be surprised if Steve G. (the forum MOD and a major contributor) moves this to the main forum, so others will likely see it and respond. Back here, it's a "backwater," and I only saw your post, because I was coming to get the URL to one of my articles.


              PPS, if I did help you, I would not mind a few "points." It's my understanding that on a certain date, the person with the most "points" will get an all-expenses paid trip to San Jose, to have lunch at the Adobe cafeteria... unfortunately for me, I'm in Phoenix, so the airfare will not be a big deal, and we're in San Jose about 3x per year. Still, lunch at the Adobe cafeteria - life could be worse.


              [Actually, this is a jab at Harm Millard, a vaunted contributor to the PrPro forum. Now, he's in Holland, so the airfare would be a big deal. He's promised that if he beats me, he'll stop in Phoenix and I'll be his guest for lunch at Adobe.]



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                Vicious Tyrant Level 1

                sure, well deserved.  Good luck!