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    Drag & drop proxy image conflict with button single click.






      Hi, All,


      I got an interesting problem with drag and drop action on a bank button from one of my applications.

      The bank button is defined as 1) click to popup a bank detail information panel, and 2) drag & drop to

      create an money movement event.


      The original bank button is using an original bank icon (37 x 33 pixels). the following

      mouseDownHandler() started to animate drag & drop action with a scaled bank icon image (26 x 26).


      -- Now the problem is that,  the mouse down event now is blocking the click event if your

      mouse landed on the centeral area of (26 x 26),  and the click event would only got

      triggered if you land your mouse on the larger original icon's edge the area with (37 x 33)

      -  (26 x 26).


      Any body have ideas, how to solve this?







      private function mouseDownHandler(event:MouseEvent):void




      var items:Object=new Object;





      // var dragInitiator:Image=Image(event.currentTarget);


      var dragInitiator:Button=event.currentTarget as Button;



      var ds:DragSource=new DragSource();









      DragManager.doDrag(dragInitiator, ds, event);



      var imageProxy:Image=new Image();




      DragManager.doDrag(dragInitiator, ds, event, imageProxy, -15, -15, 1.00);