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    Elements 7 crashes everytime on capture


      It seems that every time I try to capture video the program will crash and it always crashes on these two files; Adobe Premeire Elements.exe and uiframework.dll.


      I am not sure if it has to do with Smart Tagging, Split Scenes or Capture to Timeline but after I am done recording my video (say 30 minutes) I will pause the capture than close the window. As it is going thru the smart tagging and split scenes the program crashes.


      I can't blame it on the machine not being fast enough. It is a Dell Precision T3500 Quad 2.6ghz Xeon with 4GB of RAM and 756mb Nvidia Quadro videocard. Plus I just bought the machine. So it isn't filled up with crap and fragmented.


      It is a Dell so I called them and we went thru and updated every driver on the machine. I also made sure I updated my .net framework, windows media player and quicktime. It has a SoundMax on board audio card so I don't have the Realtek problem other have had.


      The last thing I haven't tried to do is capture the same video and disable the capture to timeline, split scenes and smart tagging. I am going to try this tonight but wanted to reach out and see if anyone has any other ideas.