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    Blank palettes in illustrator when first opening photoshop


      Let me begin by saying that perhaps the problem I am experiencing isnt caused by the adobe applications.

      As I have used softgrid/app-v 4.5 to sequence the applications in question.


      When I first start the adobe photoshop 7.0 sequence and then open the adobe illustrator 10.0.3 sequence, the palettes and welcome screen stay blank (no text) in adobe illustrator.

      Opened seperately they work perfectly (not running simultaniously).

      If I first start illustrator and then photoshop, everything works fine.


      - Seperately or 1st open illustrator + 2nd open photoshop works perfectly.

      - 1st open photoshop + 2nd open illustrator = blank palettes with no text. When I close photoshop in this instance, the text returns to the palettes and everything works perfectly.


      As both apps cant see each others files/registy settings, I cant explain the behavior.


      Anyone ever experience something simular?