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    Loader Problem!!

    Emad Zedan
      I have a file that must check if the swf loaded had created with my copyright or not.
      (basiclly I'm creating a Air application that do drag and drop for swf in the application and I want to check if this swf is valid or not by reading the CopyRight varibale).

      I had created a test on AS3 to do that in the flash player first then do it in Air file:
      var MyLoader:Loader=new Loader();
      var Resquest:URLRequest=new URLRequest("Data/X1.swf");
      var CopyRight:String;
      function TestSWF(event:Event):void {
      if (MyLoader[CopyRight]=="EmadZedan") {

      and the loaded swf has this code in the main timeline:

      var CopyRight:String=new String;

      but it is not working???

      thanks a lot.