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    getDefinitionByName() error when calling class between modules

    kerna1 Level 1

      i have a main application which loads two modules - lets call them x and y.


      module x has a class called dataObject. i have made a dummy instance of this class in module x.


      in module y, i have the following code:


      flash.utils.getDefinitionByName( 'dataObject' )


      the main app loads both module x and y successfully in seperate child domains BEFORE calling the line above.


      i am getting a variable 'dataObject' is not defined error.


      i know the reason why this error occurs under normal single-app circumstances. however, i could not find any posts relating to this error when dealing with multiple modules loaded dynamically. i have tried loading both modules in the same domain as the main app but still no luck.


      any help appreciated!