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    uploaded mp4 video is not played by swf-player



      can you help me please?

      I've uploaded a video produced by Camtasia, but it's not played at all!

      Have a look:

      You see that the video is being downloaded, but not played.


      The player is ARPlayer 1.7. The video is a mp4 file.


      The file is perfectly played on a local computer, but after uploading to ftp stops being played. I don't why...

      Could you help me please?


      P.S. It's interesting that if I make simply an swf-video file, it's played good: http://bigcompanyjob.com/guide02-2-3/guide02-2-3.html . But I don't like this option, because the swf-video is 30MB vs 5MB of the mp4-video.