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    Problem resizing AdvancedDataGrid


      Hey guys

         I have a similar issue as reported here http://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/FLEXDMV-2032 I was wondering if anyone has a workaround or a fix.


      I have setup a AdanacedDataGrid with Hierarchical data.  At second level I am displaying couple of PieCharts.  Two things happen, when I expand to view a graph and the collase it, if other rows of the dataGrid were overlaped by the graph then I get the same graph again, and/or sometimes if I expand, then scroll down to expand another row I get the null pointer expection as described in the above bug.  Has anyone else encoutered this?


      I hope I was able to give you guys a some what clear pic of what is happing. I have spend lot of time figure this out and now I hope I don't have to scrap the who UI and figure out some other way to display my data.


      I have tired to compile in Flex 4 beta, but there are whole lot of other issues that my head is spinning.


      Hope you guys can help


      Thank you