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    Just found one of the handiest things in FW

    Doug Hungarter Level 1

      Just wanted to post this here for all of you that might not be aware of a REALLY handy tool in FW.

      If you click and hold on the rectangle tool under the vector tool pallette, you'll expose all the auto shapes.

      In the auto shapes, there is one called the "Measure Tool."

      I had assumed that this was like the measurement tool in Photoshop and was wondering why it was under auto shapes.

      If you draw a line with this tool, it will display a "redline" with the measurement displayed in the center of the line.


      Why is this useful?

      Doing redlines is one of the most tedious tasks EVER.

      Now you can do it in minutes.

      Just create a new layer called overlay on your page.

      Add a white layer the width and height of the page and set it to 80% opacity.

      Create another layer called "Redlines" and use this tool over and over again.

      Now, you have design specs in a tenth of the time it used to take.


      I hope someone else reads this and finds it as useful as I have.