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    Why does CSH window "click" open 4 times in IE7?

    James K. Patrick Level 1

      Hey all,


      I'm doing a simple RH8 help system that opens CSH links in a single pane window - no TOC, index, nav bar etc.


      In IE7, after clicking the CSH link, a single pane windows opens (good!) but IE clicks 4-5 times (bad), like it's trying to open other windows or close and reopen the same window. The help topic does have multiple bookmarks in it and each has a CSH link/MapID to it.


      The title bar of the CSH window briefly flashed "Blank Window..." but then the correct topic title appears.


      Firefox 3 doesn't act similarly.


      Is this something I'm failing to account for in RH8, or just my particular browser settings?


      As always, a clue to the clueless is greatly appreciated.