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    Color control in Fireworx CS3 mac

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      I just bought a wide gamut screen (HP LP2475w) which is fantastic for photography and graphic design but when I use Fireworks, Flash and a web browser the RGB colors are very strong and vivid. It's expected when using a wide gamut LCD panel. Is there a way to control the color gamut in Fireworks CS3 to mimic a standard LCD screen (sRGB)? The same as Illustrator and Photoshop have color management tools.


      If not, does FW CS4 offer this?





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          pixlor Level 4

          Fireworks does not have color management because browsers do not have color management. When you design in Fireworks, you see your work as it will appear in browsers. This is a useful feature!


          If you design in Photoshop, chances are that your exported images will not look as you expect when you open them in a browser, because your colors were "controlled" (/modified) while you were working with them. The color control is great for print work, but it isn't helpful for Web design. Put "photoshop save for web color shift" into your favorite search engine and read up.

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            thanks a lot. makes sense. Because I work both on photographs and web related content I probably need a second "simple" monitor for web color testing or just sell this hi-end one.



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              Lack of color management in Fireworks is actually a big problem if you're using a wide gamut monitor. What you see is what you'll get in a browser on YOUR monitor but it will be very different from what most people see in their browsers on regulare sRGB monitors. Firefox 3.5 actually has very good color management that you can set to use your monitor's ICC profile so that you can see the web with accurate colors even on a wide gamut monitor.


              The fact that Fireworks doesn't have proper color management is atrocious. Especially since Adobe has managed to get it right in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

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                wow... thanks. this post is so old I forgot I submit it. I guess color management is not that crucial after all in FW. I got used to working along side a simple sRGB monitor. What helped A LOT, is using iOne Display calibrator. my HP monitor is way way better then factory default.



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                  When you use Fireworks with both a wide gamut monitor and an sRGB monitor, is there a difference in the colors? If there is, there's a problem. The colors that most of your audience will see are the colors on the sRGB monitor not the colors on the wide gamut. This means that in order to judge colors accurately you have to view your layouts on the sRGB monitor and not your wide gamut. That's a problem.


                  If Fireworks used color management correctly, the colors on both monitors would be identical (within reason). Not all of us have a spare sRGB monitor to switch to when we have to do color specific work. I just can't believe that Adobe has gone yet another version of CS without fixing this issue. Especially as more and more designers are buying wide gamut displays.

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                    actually I don't agree with your opinion. In PS you can proof your color based on different color spaces, thus if you're working in sRGB space, as most would do for screen based design works, you can get a pretty accurate color reproduction(looking very close to what people would see on a sRGB monitor), if you have a correctly calibrated monitor.


                    you can also simulate a straight "raw" output in PS, like what you'll see in non-color-managed apps like fireworks, if you use the "monitor profile" in the proof settings.


                    So I don't think it's a "feature", it's a limit. I hope they could fix this in the next revision, if there is one at all