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    "Restore last view settings when reopening documents" option not working with all documents


      Said option (found under Edit/Preferences, category Documents), which works like an automatic bookmark in that it takes you back to the same place you were at when you last closed a document, is very useful, but apparently doesn't work with *all* documents.


      - Does anyone know what determines whether a given document works with this option or not?

      - Is this by design or a bug? A matter of PDF format version?

      - Is there a way to work around the problem?


      I've compared two documents, only one of which works with the option, to determine what the relevant difference may be, and found two suspects (under File/Properties): the PDF version (1.5 in the document that works, 1.4 in the one that doesn't), and 'Fast Web View' ('yes' in the document that works, 'no' in the one that doesn't).