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    looping images


      hi all


      I got a problem with looping the images. As in it can loop but the way is work looks weird.

      Because when i click on the first images there will be images flying from right to left. and when i click on image 30 same thing happen again.

      Same goes to when i click on image 30, there will b images flying from left to right.

      how can i make it smooth the looping without images flying everywhere?


      here is the part for looping:


              if (this.cid+1>current) {
                  if (this.cid+1>current+2 && current<2 && infostruc.length-this.cid+1<3) {
                      this.x = (centerX+((this.cid+1-current-infostruc.length)*shelveCDSpacing));
                  } else {
                      this.x = (centerX+((this.cid+1-current)*shelveCDSpacing));
              } else if (this.cid+1<current) {
                  if (this.cid+1<current-2 && infostruc.length-current<2 && this.cid+1<3) {
                      this.x = (centerX+((this.cid+1-current+infostruc.length)*shelveCDSpacing));
                  } else {
                      this.x = (centerX+((this.cid+1-current)*shelveCDSpacing));
              } else {
                  this.x = centerX+((this.cid+1-current)*shelveCDSpacing);


      And also i have attach a text file of my application.


      i really need help on this.

      Thanks in advance!