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    Author Only annotations in a help project?

    Amebr-ke0mH4 Level 2

      Hi All,


      While working in RH6 I just realised I'd thought of an enhancement to Robohelp, and want to check if it might have been added to RH8 (currently waiting for bureaucratic wheels to turn on my RH8 request, and have run out of PCs to install RH8 Trial on. )


      I find myself adding notes for documentation team at the top of topics, such as "when you update this topic, don't forget to update in this location as well" and "performed a numbering hack to work around conditional tagging issue, so be careful updating" and so forth. I use a "DocoNotes" tag and exclude that tag from all builds.


      However, I get worried that something will go wrong at some point, and these comments will make it into a version, and then all our users will laugh at us.


      So I was thinking an annotation pod would be really nice, where we could add comments purely for the documentation team, which are immediately obvious when you enter the topic - or at least available at a hover. (I have seen the Comments field in the Topic Properties, but a pod would be so much more elegant, don't you think?)


      So does anyone know if this is available in RH8? If not, I'll submit an enhancement request for it.