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    Convert FLEX web app to AIR?


      Hi there,


      I have spent many months developing a FLEX app for the web which interacts with a mySQL database via PHP. It works great, no problems.


      My question is now my partners want to port it over to a desktop application.


      I have been learning FLEX pretty well since December but haven't put much time into learning AIR.


      Question, can I take much of the work I have done already and port it to AIR, or does an AIR application have to be built from the beginning as an AIR application? I don't obviously want to reinvent the wheel here, but all the stuff I'm reading about AIR shows that AIR apps start from scratch as being defined as AIR apps, and FLEX apps start from scratch as being defined as FLEX apps.


      Any advice as how to proceed?



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Build a helloworld AIR app, take helloworld-app.xml and modify it for your web app.  It should then run on AIR, but it won't have access to cool AIR features like local file system access, drag/drop to/from the OS, system chrome, etc.  That's why most folks grow an AIR app from the ground up, to take advantage of those features.


          90% of your logic can usually be shared though, so a module or SWC of common code might be a way to go.


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