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    How do I prevent HTML insertion?

    SolitonMan Level 1
      I've been recently helping a coworker get familiar with CSS and HTML, and in a Robohelp project we've been trying to create a well-formatted and specific structure. It's no problem to write the HTML or CSS or put them together. The problem comes with integrating our work in Robohelp. The program will completely trash whitespace and formatting which is set up for ease of readability while editing, and will also crazily insert <SPAN> tags all over the place when they are completely unnecessary.

      We didn't dictate the use of RoboHelp, I personally feel it's of no value whatsoever. However, since we must use it, I'd like to know if there's any way to turn off the intrusive "features" that ruin what is really some nicely laid out HTML. Any information on how to gain control of our environment instead of being subjected to the whims of the programmers would be appreciated.