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    I can' t compile Stratus example from Adobe sample...


      Hey guys !


      First, please sorry for my bad english, I'm french and it's a pain to explain this kind of problem in foreign language...


      I 'm trying to compile the example code found in Stratus sample (the audio/video chat), but I think some package are missed because Flex found a lot of error. Flex tell me that I'm trying to use some class or properties that doesn't exist...


      Here the list of the missing elements :

      - NetStreamInfo
      - Microphone.codec
      - Microphone.encodeQuality
      - NetStream.farId
      - Microphone.framesPerPacket
      - NetStream.info
      - NetConnection.nearId
      - NetStream.peerStream
      - SoundCodec



      I 'm using Flex Builder 3.02 (downloaded from the link at the bottom of the stratus' presentation page).I have my Stratus Key, but the problem is not here because I'm unable to launch the compilation...


      Where can I find the class / package I need ?

      In other terms, how can I compile the stratus example with no error.



      Thanks a lot !