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    Problems with XFL export from AE CS4 to FLASH CS4 limited to 1000 frames


      I'm currently working on a JibJab style project where a third party agency have done an animation. Now we have tracked the head motions in AE CS4 and done an export to Flash using XFL, and the motion does not work.


      Before this we have done several tests to see if this method would work, so we know it actually does work, but the tests where only a couple of 100 frames long, now the project is over 1500 frames.


      The final animation is 60 sec, 25f/s, and after importing the motion into FLASH using XFL nothing happens. The motion is there if we look in the motion editor, the image is there, but nothing happens when i scrub back and forth. This all worked like a charm with the test projects. AND if i try and rightclick the picture or motion editor FLASH freezes, so i know something is REALLY wrong here.


      After four hours of bug hunting i have isolated the problem to the number of frames you try to import into FLASH. If the end sequence is more than 1000 frames (exactly!) a extra keyframe is added on the first frame in the motion editor, so there is TWO keyframes on the first frame, where there should only be possible to have one. This happens only if the sequence is more then 1000 frames. If i take the same sequence and export if from AE so its less then 1000 frames everything is fine.


      I have attached a screenshot of the extra keyframe that apears in the motion editor. It's allso noteworthy that this extra keyframe can't be changed or adjusted as it does not actualy "excist".


      I would like to have this bug confirmed by someone and if someone has a solution? Right now im looking at cutting up the export into "999 frames" sections and then patch it together again in Flash.


      Oh, i almost forgot, i work in an OSX enviroment. All feedback is welcome!