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    Captivate demo in RoboHelp


      I put a Captivate demo in the RoboHelp file. It works fine. The only problem is the size. The demo is larger than the RoboHelp window and requires the user to scroll down and side ways to see parts of the demo. Also, because of the size, the Stop, Play, Pause buttons and Progress bar don't appear.

      Is there anyway to make the demo's size smaller (doesn't require alot of reducing) and to make the buttons appear on the bottom of the screen? Is this a RoboHelp problem or something that I can adapt in Captivate?



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          The "Captivator" may want to come in here when he wakes up but I think this is down to a bit of experimentation inside Captivate. You may want to play around with a custom capture screen size as the first step of your capture. You'll have to bear in mind the window size of your help file and the screen resolution used by you and your users.


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            Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



            I can think of two things:

            - You can resize your Captivate Project, so your output is smaller. In the Project menu, choose Resize project. The downside is that your images may become blurry and you'll have to check all your notes and highlights.


            - You can hide the navpane when the page loads. This gives the demo more vertical space, but you'll still have to scroll vertically. To hide the menu, change the <body> tag with: <body onLoad="showHidePane()" onUnload="syncWithShow()"> With this, the navpane is hidden when the page loads, and the pane TOC loads when you leave the page. A user can alway load the pane again by clicking the menu button.

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              Hi there


              In addition to what the others have suggested you may wish to consider that you are able to open your Captivate movie in a separate window. Note that when you publish your Captivate movie from Captivate (if you are publishing as SWF) you end up with other files. You usually get an HTML page and a JavaScript file and possibly other files depending on your movie contents and settings.


              So instead of inserting your Captivate demo into an existing RoboHelp topic you may import the HTML page that Captivate created and link to that so it appears in a new window independent of the help system.


              Cheers... Rick



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