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    Found a Solution!


      Like many of you have written, once anything past Reader 6 was installed it was impossible to update or uninstall those Readers. I started having error problems about a week ago after a recent upgrade to 9.1.1. I kept getting the 1402 / 1404 messageswhen I tried to upgrade or uninstall the programs. I finally went in to the Regitsry and deleted every file I could detect that was associated with Adobe products. For 99% of the files I had to right-click, go to permissions and give myself full permission to read or alter that file. I could then delete it. It took quite awhile to do this. But, the result is that I was able to uninstall the programs using Windows uninstall program. The Add/Remove program still shows I have Adobe Reader 3.01 somewhere on my computer but I cannot find it?? I then re-installed my Adobe Pro 6 program and now can read files pulled from the internet just fine. I have not re-installed any other Reader for fear of fouling up my computer again. I spent three evenings just now undoing the problems caused by the current versions of Reader.