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    file not compiling and receiving cant open file mk@msistore error


      Hi All.

      I am using Robohelp for HTML version 8.  I have been compiling in Microsoft HTML help format.  I have had no problems till yesterday.  I did migrate to Internet explorer a few days ago and then found out my company recommended not to.  I don’t think that is my issue.

      What is happening is my file does not compile all the way even though I get the successful message.  I cannot view results.  I cant open the file and when I select it in explorer it says the cannot open file MS@MSISTORE message. This occurs both on our company server and the hard drive. I did not change anything in my properties window.  The research I have done does not seem to help me and I don’t want to do any drastic recovery yet.  Anyway I can recompile this project differently or just take out the section it seems to stop at and redo that section?  I can compile in other formats, like flash, but for some reason we cannot open flash in vista.


      Please help me.  Thanks