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    Rollovers without an image swap


      Hi there- I'd like to preamble by saying I've already done a fair amount of research on this topic without any results and I'm using the communal knowledge pool as more of a last resort before I simply handcode this in CSS.


      I'm wondering if I can set up a sort of rollover effect for my site in fireworks without doing a traditional image swap. Rather I'd simply like to change the background color of a div (or what will be a div after I slice it up and export everything in CSS/html).


      I hope I'm explaining myself.  I guess normally i would do something like-


      //normal state


      .cool_div { background: #333333 }


      //rollover state


      .cool_div {a:hover {


      background:#778A63 }




      Does this make sense? I would essentially want Fireworks to set this up automatically instead of treating it like an image rollover. Am I going to have to handcode all this? Not a big deal, just wondering of Fireworks offers this sort of compatibility.