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    HTML/javascript interaction with swf content - can I call swf functions from JS?

    grtflex4 Level 1
      I've created an AIR application where the intialWindow.content is a HTML page / JavaScript application. On this HTML page I want to include some SWF content as a plugin (a Flex 3 app), so I have an object tag.

      From my SWF I can call out to JavaScript using flash.external.ExternalInterface fine. I can also call methods within the AIR and Flex APIs via the window or runtime objects.

      However, if I try to call methods within my SWF from JavaScript, nothing happens. Further, I can pass a function reference from my SWF to JavaScript (via ExternalInterface), and while I can see a valid function reference in JavaScript, calling it doesn't call the function within the SWF.

      Is this not supported? Or is this something else, like an applicationDomain issue? My SWF object is loaded via the app:/ uri, so I didn't think it would be that.