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    Learning Interactions

    maf_00 Level 1

      I have recently received a copy of the Adobe eLearning suite, in particular I hope to use Flash for the majority of my elearning projects.


      I have been having trouble using the learning interactions that come ready to use with Flash. For example, I placed the drag and drop interaction onto the stage area, but when pressing F12 to preview and use this feature it would not work (could not drag the movie objects), the same goes for all the other features I can select radio buttons etc but when pressing the 'cheack answer' button nothing happens.


      Even though these interactions come with instructions which i have followed, it still does not seem to work. I do not wish for them to be scored, I just want the user to receive correct or incorrect feedback.



      Has anyone used this before and have any idea what I am refering to? Am I suppose to add actionscript to this aswell (even though these interactions have been pre-setup)?



      Would really appreciate any help!