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    Slide Presentation - CS4 - Changing Document dimensions.



      I've just tried (several times) to change the size of the document (via Modify | Document) of a FLash Slide Presentation.


      I didn't add any images, nor do anything other than select a new presentation & then try to modify the size. It crashes with a Runtime Error ... R6025 -pure virtual function call.

      I've done a bit of Googling & it seems that other programs have that problem & it's due to a variety of reasons, though none that I think particularly apply to me. (Seems to be clearly Windows problem, not Flash).


      I've tested it in Flash CS3 running under XP - and it works fine. I've also tried CS4 under Vista for other types of Flash (e.g. Flash (Actionscript 2.0) & that worked fine. It just appears to be CS4, (?Vista) & Flash Slide Presentation. Unfortunately, I can't test either CS3 on the Vista machine, nor CS4 on the XP one.

      I've also just discovered that I do have Flash 8 still on the Vista Computer & that's allowing me to change the size of the document in a Slide Presentation.


      Is it a known error, or is my computer playing silly so-and-sos?